A culture-changing movement of prayer is building within the body of Christ, and you and your church are invited to take the lead in your community!

On Sunday, March 4, when the Academy Awards® are presented and the world turns their eyes on Hollywood, churches nationwide will be focusing their prayers on the world of entertainment.

Hollywood’s Big Night is an opportunity for the Body of Christ to come together and touch the lives of media’s most influential . . . through prayers that uplift, inspire, and express God’s love and grace.

And your church family can be part of this dynamic movement of prayer for the entertainment industry! Tens of thousands of prayers will be offered during Sunday morning and evening services and Sunday school classes on that day. Imagine what God might do when the Church passionately prays for media!

  • Check out Hollywood’s Big Night for more information. A free download of 7 Prayers for Hollywood’s Big Night is available.
  • Ask your church leadership to make prayer for the media a priority in your church for “Hollywood’s Big Night” in 2018.

March 4, 2018, could be your church’s biggest day of prayer ever for media, Hollywood, all the awards nominees, and the arts and media professionals in your congregation.

Hollywood’s Big Night is coming—and the Body of Christ will be mobilized to pray. Be a catalyst for passionate prayer in your community!