Is God’s Remnant Sparking Revival in Hollywood?

The vast CBS soundstage was filled with a symphony of prayer until late into the night as over 475 Christian media professionals gathered for Mastermedia and Hollywood Prayer Network’s second annual Legacy: An Evening of Story and Prayer. Throughout the night we heard stories of the great things God has done in and through the lives of Christians in all ranks of the media industry. It was clear to recognize Him as the author of a unifying and miraculous work in Hollywood. As our community prayed, the sense that God is readying to launch a powerful season of renewal was palpable. Afterwards, rather than the usual exchange of business cards and scripts, people stayed for up to two hours for personal prayer.

I recall four decades ago, during my initial years in Hollywood, we were hard pressed to fill a small apartment with professing believers. Today there is a robust, passionate community of over 10,000 professing Christians sharing and reflecting the love of Christ with those who influence our culture the most.

In my previous Storyboard, I addressed America’s slide into a post-Christian culture. Now, as we continue on with the Daniel 1:13 narrative in ancient Babylon (our post-Christian culture counterpart) we find King Nebechnezzar pilfering the temple for “vessels of the Lord” as he looks to utilize some of what God’s Kingdom brings to our world. From the ranks of the youth of Israel, he chooses those who are full of wisdom, knowledge and understanding. He recognizes that all of these beneficial attributes will serve him well, but fails to see that their character can only be attributed to a life in relationship and submission to a Holy God.

For a number of years, my wife Peggy was the film internship director at a leading Christian university. Her job was to establish relationships with Hollywood’s leading production companies and studios for the purpose of connecting her students to internships at the highest level of Hollywood. After many successful placements, some of which led to full-time employment, the studios began calling her! They would say, “Your school provides the best interns. They get here on time, they’re humble, they’re honest, they work hard and I can trust them!”

A similar observation happens each winter as we participate in the Windrider Forum Sundance Film Festival. For over 15 years, our gathering of more than 150 Christian film students from over 15 universities throughout the nation come to engage in the power of redemptive storytelling while being a Christ-like presence at the world’s most influential film festival. Time and again, as filmmakers give feedback to Sundance of their overall festival experience they report, “Who knew that the most insightful, thoughtful questions would be asked by Christian film students?”

Presently, there is a welcomed explosion of aspiring Christian media talent. With growing encouragement from local churches and the continued development of Christian university film programs, multitudes of skilled, passionate film graduates are ready to cross the bridge from college to becoming a working media professional in mainstream media. They will be the difference-makers and culture shapers of tomorrow. Not merely because of their talent, but because of their commitment to make a difference for Christ in an increasingly post-Christian culture.

In alignment with Mastermedia’s mission to reach high-level leaders in media, I am speaking directly to these future leaders at film schools around the country. The coming influx of young media professionals is no less than an answer to prayer, and Mastermedia’s work to encourage and point them to high-level opportunities has gratefully increased—to the glory of God! Thank you for supporting us and joining us in prayer in this endeavor!